ABOUT Trying vegan with mario

Trying Vegan with Mario is a cooking show where host, Mario Fabbri, teaches you simple, healthy and delicious vegan cooking.

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Trying Vegan with Mario Season 1 is available on the streaming device, Roku. On my show, I bring guests into my kitchen to cook vegan food; the guests range from vegan experts (like Dr. Joel Fuhrman 6 time NYT best selling author), to celebrities/athletes who don't eat vegan but are interested in trying out vegan foods. The audience is mostly non-vegan and the purpose is to inspire people to be more aware of where their food is coming from, and eat make healthier decisions. Please contact me at tryingveganwithmario@gmail.com if you have a business that shares a similar purpose.



Email: tryingveganwithmario@gmail.com